WineDirect Integration & Website Design now Powered by BigCommerce

Having worked with hundreds of wineries, and more recently helping Commerce7 move over 100 wineries to it’s platform from Vinespring, we know that platforms are constantly changing and the best methods for upgrading or migrating you over to BigCommerce. We can integrate your website with WineDirect’s BigCommerce platform with little effort and no down-time.

We would keep the look, feel and functionality of your existing site as close as possible.

Recent Client Websites


  • Migrate your site to WineDirect’s New BigCommerce platform, or Integration new instance of WineDirect. Your cart, login, account all live in WineDirect with a fully styled storefront. Products are updated and stored in WineDirect, and displaying on your front end website.
  • We will keep the exact look and feel of your existing site. Matching all styles, features and options that are available in WineDirect within the limitations of the new BigCommerce platform and your theme.

*Project is billed hourly at $105/hr. Average site integration cost is $1500 to $3000.