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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has changed significantly in the last in few years, especially for wineries and other online stores. Gaming Google and other search engines by spamming keywords no longer works and may even lower your ranking. Google uses AI and other technologies to read the importance of your content and even how entertaining your content is. It knows how long people stay on your site, where they are coming from, and much more. Those spam emails you get promising to to improve your ranking for a low monthly fee are nothing more than than salesman selling snake oil. SEO now consist of a few new big principles:

  • Local SEO Relevance
  • Great Enjoyable Content
  • Link Backs & Social Sharing
  • Meta Tags, Product Schema, and Open Graph
  • Product Feeds, Google Sitemaps
  • Your kitchen sink and ours

Better SEO by Gorilion App

Our app which currently works with Commerce7 and eCellar will allow for boosting your product SEO tremendously. It provides improved meta data support, product sitemaps, open graph support for better social sharing, product schema for better product listings, product feeds, and more. Our app provides the following SEO benefits & features.

  • Significantly improve your exposure to search engines with enhanced meta data features
  • Improve your product listings with multiple product feeds for Google, Vivino, and Facebook, more coming soon.
  • Product sitemap generator for submitting to search engines
  • Improve your presence when sharing on social media with open graph support
  • Product schema allows you to show up better in Google shopping feeds and others
  • Support for canonical urls
  • Support’s Rankmath & Yoast

The cost of the app is $30 a month with optional $199 install fee if you’d like us to install it for you. 
*For best value, WordPress is recommended.  Server requires $_SERVER[‘REDIRECT_URL’] variable, most hosts have it or can be activated.

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Please contact us to learn more about our SEO services that are far different than anything you have heard or read before. With our exclusive app technology you will be ahead of the game from any competitors.

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