eCellar Integration Design & Development

Commerce7 Development & Integration Services

Having worked with hundreds of wineries, we know that platforms are constantly changing and the best methods for integrating Commerce7 into your existing website. We can integrate your website over to Commerce7 with little effort and no down-time. 

We would keep the look, feel and functionality of your existing site as close as possible.

We can integrate into almost any website such as but not limited to: WordPress, Drupal, Static HTML, etc..

Client Websites


  • Standard Integration

  • $1500
    • Starting at $1500
    • Integrate your site with Commerce7’s Platform keeping the look and feel of your existing site with basic styling.
    • Can be fully upgraded to Advanced Integration any-time without losing any previous work.

    *Project is billed hourly at $75/hr. Average basic integration cost is $1000 to $2000.

  • Advanced Integration

  • $2500
    • Starting at $2500
    • Fully integrate your site with Commerce7 Platform keeping the exact look and feel of your existing site. Matching all styles, features and benefits that are provided.
    • Can add additional features anytime.

    *Project is billed hourly at $75/hr. Average advanced integration costs is round $2,000 to $3,500

  • Custom Integration

  • $XX
    • Need something super duper advanced:
    • Custom filtering
    • Advanced Product Templates
    • Custom fields
    • Open Graph
    • Custom Forms
    • The Kitchen Sink?